Welcome to McConnell Institute

McConnell Institute provides training for physical therapists, athletic trainers and other health care practitioners to improve the management of chronic musculoskeletal problems.

The concepts developed by Australian physiotherapist Jenny McConnell are based on an understanding of the influence of posture on dynamic activities as a causative factor for musculoskeletal symptoms and the beneficial effects of unloading soft tissue, usually with tape, to immediately decrease pain and optimize treatment effects.

After attending these workshops clinicians will be able to easily implement the techniques and strategies learnt to have an immediate beneficial effect on their patients.

Benefits of attending a McConnell Course

Participants will have:

  • new skills that they can immediately into practice
  • framework for biomechanical assessment of a patient
  • a framework to solve complex musculoskeletal problems
  • an ability to provide patients with simple strategies so they can manage themselves
  • continuing education unit credits for their state registration/licensure

Upcoming Courses

There are no upcoming events.

McConnell Institute’s mission

To develop and deliver quality courses using the McConnell Approach for the management of chronic musculoskeletal conditions. All McConnell courses are designed to provide the clinician with an opportunity to learn and practice examination and rehabilitation skills in a ‘hands on’ environment.

The McConnell Approach is built on the following foundations:

  • Understanding the symptoms
  • Understanding the causative factors
  • Addressing each of these using tape and specific muscle training


A full taping series

You can now have at your fingertips an instant refresher of how to apply the most appropriate tape for the patient’s symptoms.

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